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We are an individual business enterprise which seat is in Geneva in Switzerland.

We have great experiment of the serious meeting on Internet. We share with you the fruit of our experience. We place at your disposal of the sites that we think of quality from their philosophy in their creation.

Its founder is French. Its name Joseph Bensimhon, before Internet was born he created and managed a company of contents of dating sites by Minitel. The minitel was the father, in France, of Internet. Its company, created from nothing, met success,  very quickly ,and finished with more than 127 different sites. He lived the transition from the Minitel to the Internet.

He knew the birth of Internet but also the beginnings of Russian women, on dating sites, wishing to meet the men from the West, with fallen of Communism in Soviet Union. He was on the spot when they demolished the Berlin Wall. Then, He went in the East and, there, he understood, by seeing the “desolation” on other side of the wall, why these first women wished to leave their country.

Now, the motivations of these women changed they are more different for leaving their country. They are varied owing to the fact that their life unquestionably improved even if the democracy is far from reigning in their respective republics.

Our company of human size has ambition to improve in a permanent way this site with your assistance.  We sincerely hope to work with you in an interactive way and to develop us through your satisfaction. We think that our best advertisment is that you find your future partner through our site. Our goal is your happiness and this site is the bridge which should link you with the hoped person.

Our competence is at your disposal.

If you are satisfied, then, tell it to your friends.

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