Many people operate and purchases are challenging, in bad faith, the reality of the purchase made, however, with the input of the digital signature on the back of credit cards on the payment form.

Our feeling is based on a set of direct relationship between two individuals, major and responsible. Therefore, logically, we cannot offer any guarantee "Satisfied or refunded". Our principle subscription allows you to choose the formula best suited to your finances.

The site, Our ​​, is based on the principle of monthly subscription. This membership is not automatically renewed. Arrears, the subscriber decide whether or not to renew his subscription, as specified in our terms and conditions. A subscription started is due.

However, according to Article 15.2 of our terms, in case of technical failure proved we can study refund you in a maximum period of one month subscription. Only in such case we provided you, on previewed in the Article 15.2 of Our Terms and Conditions, within 30 days of protest. Beyond this, no application will be considered.

The refund is made within 30 days of your claim, if it is proved.

Banking laws allow you to enter your bank within 60 days of purchase act in case of fraud or error. Bank, after investigation, will ask you to complete a form and send us. If a fault sampling, unbeknownst to us, is proven. We operate the refund within 30 days of receipt of the request made by your bank. Your account will be credited with the amount recorded on the form by your bank.


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