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You may contact us at any time when you have technical problems or if you wish to get information on behalf from our administration. Write your question, whatever it is, we will answer it as soon as possible.

If you omit to join your personal email you will not be able to read our answer.

More and more we receive messages without any name and email addresses or even without Number ID. We repeat we are not able to know who wrote us if you don’t write your email address then we cannot answer to any request without these informations.

The Contact Us is for the Guest like for members that’s why we cannot track who wrote us if we have not these informations : email address (guest or member) or Profile’s ID number (if you are member)

Also for Members: we remember that on your member area you have all necessaries way to manage or delete your profile, so please use them. The contact Us is not done for managing your profile or for deleting it.

This way to contact us is only for informations or problems that you could have to access on the website ONLY. Please respect these rules.

Thanks for your understanding

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