Terms and Conditions of the site :

www.our-feeling, which comes into force on March 1, 2013


NOTE: TO BE REGISTERED USER OR VISIT THE SITE AS A GUEST, YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD. You warrant that has the power, abilities and conclude this Agreement and to comply with its TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

These user agreement drawn up by «JB entreprise Bensimhon société en commandite», providing services to the site Please carefully read this Agreement, to make sure that you understand it. Once you have completed registration on-line site and your registration will be activated, you sign a legal contract for services on-line meetings (hereinafter - the "Services"). You become a member (hereinafter - the "User") and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this User Agreement (hereinafter - "Agreement") for as long as you'll be a member. Unregistered visitors also bound by this agreement. If you do not agree with him, please do not register on the site, did not attend it or use its services.


1.1. To become a member, you will need to register on the website. When you register, you must tell us accurate, complete and current curriculum vitae, as well as update your personal data on the site in case they change. You agree that we can rely on your accurate, complete and current curriculum vitae. You acknowledge that if the data you provide is false or invalid, we reserve the right to terminate your use of the Service

1.2. Protecting the rights of minors. This site is strictly forbidden to minors. In order to register on the site and use our services, you must complete 18 years of age. We disclaim any responsibility if the minor has reported false information about his age. We strongly recommend it to parents or guardians responsible for minors, set parental controls and ban entertainment at this site.

1.3. Since the registration fee on this website may be effected in the form of physical money, we can not specify the age of our participants, if they give false information about the date of his birth.

2. Subscription (pay services)

2.1. To give you an opportunity to test our services, we offer you in the first register to enjoy them for free during the first three (3) days. During these three days you will be able to take advantage of all, without exception, the Service. In order to confirm your serious intentions and that you are an adult, at the time of your registration we will register your credit card number, its expiration date, as well as the cryptogram on its reverse side. Upon your registration you will receive a status of "Member of Gold». Money from your account will not be removed during these first three days. If you do not cancel your registration, on the fourth day, by default, between you and us is the agreement that was withdrawn from your account the amount of subscription Gold.

2.2. At the end of the testing period you must either continue to use our services if they meet you, or cancel your registration as a participant. WARNING! Cancellation does not occur automatically. It is only with your participation. If you do not cancel the registration, you will be considered a member of Gold, and your account will be charged for the subscription Gold. This payment will be made on the fourth day of your registration.

2.3. Subscription does not automatically renewed. You must update it after the expiration. We will notify you a message on your e-mail (e-mail), alerting you that your term of your subscription expires and must be renewed.

2.4. In the case of non-renewal of subscription, you will lose all his benefits, and gain the status of the Free Party, which has minimal benefits associated with this status. If you become Besplatnymuchastnikom, you will not lose your contacts or messages, including those received prior to the expiration date of your previous status. We will keep everything up to the resumption of your status, which allows you to send and receive your messages.

2.5. For your security, we do not store and do not have access to any credit card number. At the time of payment you will automatically connect to the server of our campaign pay online. This operation is fully protected and hidden so that we can not keep any credit card numbers.

2.6. Although you can register as a free member if you wish to communicate with other members and use the services in their entirety, you will need to purchase a subscription and pay the expenses listed in the price, which you can find, on the page "Payment Services". Website can change the value of the subscription at any time. If you do not like the cost of services, you can cancel your subscription, contact us using the form "Contact Us" on

2.7. You will receive an email confirmation of payment for services that contains a certificate of payment. You should keep a copy of this notice as it may be necessary if you go to cancel your agreement for payment.

2.8. Your ticket is only for your personal use. You can not allow third parties to use your subscription or your account on

2.9. Subscriptions are paid on a monthly basis and do not have a mandatory minimum number of months that you have to pay. At your option, you can buy a subscription of the Participant and Participant Bronze Silver. If you prefer to pay monthly subscription, you do not have to pay the required minimum number of months. However, we offer you the opportunity to subscribe for 1, 2 or 3 months of your choice. You can cancel your subscription at the end of one month, whether used or not.

2.10. If you delete your application before the expiration of 30 days, a refund for the unused ticket is proportional to time is not provided

2.11. Payment for services through the bank still allows you to ask your bank refund for our services within 30 days. We are responsible for a refund of these payments through our service.

2.12. The period of subscription is completely expired for 30 days, regardless of whether you use the Service. The term of the subscription begins when you make payment through your bank the various services offered by us at your disposal.

3. Terms and Cancellation

3.1. You or the site www.our-feeling can cancel your participation in the use of the site any time and for any reason, confirmed by written notice to the other side. All cash contributions listed before this deadline will not be reimbursed. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the site without prior notice, if you breach the terms of which we have been notified.

3.2. If you cancel your subscription, removed all the content of your profile, your incoming and outgoing messages, a list of your favorites and you are interested parties. This automatically entails the removal of all your messages sent to various parties with whom you corresponded, in their respective sections. Termination of use does not automatically void the payment. We can, however, resolve the issue on the basis of this Agreement. It is enough to apply to our service to customer service, setting out in detail the contents of your request.

4. Use of services and site content

4.1. This site was created only for the personal use of individual participants and users, and can not be used in conjunction with commercial purposes and projects. Campaigns can not be part of the site and should not use the service or site for whatever purpose it may, in particular, in order to send commercial messages, instant messages or e-parties for commercial purposes or use of this personal data . Any unauthorized use of the site will be considered and will be taken legal action under civil and criminal law or order of reparation and (or) the cancellation of the agreement on the full discretion of the site

4.2. We reserve the right to review and delete posts, comments, photos, videos and entire questionnaire (the content), which, in our opinion, violate this Agreement or may be illegal, offensive to other members, in violation of their rights or threaten their safety. We do not have to motivate our refusal.

4.3. Any hints of pedophilia, prostitution, procuring in any form or by any means (messages, chat, forum) will be promptly notified to the competent authorities, even if the complaints against such actions had been received. Any message of this kind will be removed immediately, if possible, before the person to whom it was intended, could read it, or even after it was read.

4.3. You are solely responsible for the content of your site or transmitted to other members of the information, and displaying it on the site for general information, you agree and warrant that you provide a site irrevocable, perpetual, nonexclusive, an international right to use this information as well as its content, pass it and make it right. Website reserves the right to use and distribute information and posted its contents, from the questionnaires, including UPN, pictures and videos for promotional purposes.

4.4. Website not verify the accuracy and reliability of information published by its members. Although we reserve the right to remove or exclude information that offends, according to the website or other members, human dignity, we can not guarantee that all such material will be removed or deleted. We have the right to investigate and eliminate the participation of the person who has violated the rules or povedshego a manner which can be regarded as inappropriate or whose conduct is unlawful. Using our services, you agree that any profile, news and information of participants may be untrue, in view of the fact that sometimes we can not control the content and the fact that these services are for entertainment purposes only.

4.5. You can not usurp the identity of another person, and to publish in the form of your personal information, including email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, details of services, instant messaging (ICQ, MSN), number (the name of Skype), URL, Web sites IT All personal data will be deleted when you publish your application.

4.6. You can not annoy the other participants, directing them to a series of letters, spam or links to other Internet sites. To protect our members from this advertising or harassment, in this case, we reserve the right to limit the number of emails which a Member may send to other participants within 24 hours, and the same number of participants, which we calculate appropriately.

4.8. You may not distribute copyrighted material under copyright, including photos, images and text. If you believe that copyrighted materials from the site appeared on any website, you must notify with all the details of a possible violation of copyright.

4.9. You can not pursue the other party and must cease communication with him, if you are asked to cease contact. You will have the ability to block any member by selecting the appropriate option on his questionnaire. Blocked party will not be able to contact you through this site, and you can not communicate with members, you have blocked.

4.10. Your profile and its contents can be viewed by all participants of the site. You can search the profiles of the content of participants registered on other sites the company «JB entreprise Bensimhon», for example, with the same brand or under private label. Your profile and its contents can be viewed by others with the search engines, for example, Google, MSN, etc.

4.11. Personal data of each participant specifically hidden, but we do not ban any of the participants to tell you if he wishes, your personal data. We will treat close to each complaint concerning their use.

4.12 You cannot use out of only for personal using; photos, videos, for example, to send them to other websites without the express consent of the person concerned. In view of the protection of personal data of another person, we reserve the right to label all materials on this site: photos, videos, etc.

4.13 3apreschaetsya post pictures of minors unless they are shown on the photographs alone. Valid only photos of minors, if they are pictured with their parents or guardians, all other photos will be rejected.

5.1. Use the forum, chat, audio-video-chat

5.1. We do not monitor conversations in the chat, but we ask our members to communicate with each other respectfully and correctly. We reserve the right to limit the subscription to any person to whom the signal was received that it is disrespectful to other participants during the chat. First, we will send a message with a warning, if the participant continues to show disrespect to other members, we will deprive its options chat.

5.2. If, despite this, the party continues to insult the other members of any other form (letters or forum), we will delete his profile, and no monetary compensation will not be possible for that party knowingly violated a rule the correct attitude and respect for other participants.

5.3. You can save in word format all correspondence in the chat.

5.4. During the communication with audiovideochate apply international law with respect to images. You can not save videos and post them online or use them illegally and without special agreement the other party. Although we are not responsible for the unscrupulous actions of our members, we reserve the right to prosecute, the person to whom the complaint of another party's violation of this rule. This situation is totally dependent on paragraph 10 of this Agreement (Ownership).

5.5. Forum will focus on only one topic: tell people of the countries - former republics of the Soviet Union about the life in your countries. We ask our members to respond with complete honesty. The person asking the question, waiting for an exact answer, but bragging about life in their countries.

5.6. Forum is under the supervision and no message can be added to it without the approval by a moderator. Questions and answers have to be sensible and realistic, otherwise they can be refuted.

6. «Scamming» (Internet fraud)

6.1. We are fighting the "scamming" (internet fraud). During the adoption of the questionnaires we control lists of "scammers" in the organizations to which we belong. However, the "scammers" (Internet scammers - people arrogate to themselves the identity and image of others on the Internet, with the sole purpose of extorting money and then disappearing and appearing in the guise of a different "personality"), constantly changing pictures, IP-addresses and profiles, and can thus way to escape observation. We ask that you inform us of any person, persistently asking you to send them money. We will immediately remove it form and inform on various websites, watching "scammers." Never send money or copies of identification cards to persons who ask you about this, and with whom you have never met. Read our section on "antiskammer", you will find helpful advice, warning you against these fraudulent activities.

6.2. "Scammers" appear mostly in the guise of women, usually with stolen photographs. In order to protect participants from any male fraud "scammers", we must ask the women participants to provide us with identification. We reserve the right to verify their identity, as well as of a specified phone number.

6.3. In view of the fact that we do not share any information regarding our members and to protect them against fraud, each participant who reported false information, you will see that it has been rejected, or deleted.

7. Ethics

7.1. Website www.our-feeling is a serious dating service designed for adults who communicate to friendship, serious relationship or marriage.
7.2. We believe that the basic rule for completing the questionnaire you should be honest and all of this information must be truthful.
7.3. Each participant registering with dishonest intentions, be warned that he should change your profile, indicating only truthful information. Any complaint will be seriously considered, and we reserve the right to intervene in order to put an end to this dishonest intentions.
7.4. Respect the good intentions, hopes to find a husband or wife do not play with sincere feelings of others is a moral obligation to our members.

8. Proposals

8.1. Permanent members are requested to support the livelihoods of the service by sending proposals to the service relationships with customers, so that we can improve our services and offer you the best of what you can expect.
8.2. We will review all proposals and retain only meet the common interests of our members or one and the same request, but expressed by several participants, originating from different countries.
8.3. We are not obliged to accept all received requests, if they do not relate to the common interest. Only we can judge, reflecting the common interests.

9. Disagreements between the parties

9.1. Website not obliged to intervene in disputes, to perform the function of arbitration and settlement of the dispute, if it happens between the participants
9.3. Use of this service is entirely your responsibility. You have to evaluate what you see when you are in communication over the Internet with an unknown person to you (for example, when you use a messenger service), and to realize that people are not always who they say they say they are and what they may report a false and illegal content or conduct yourself in this way. By using this service, you must understand that the questionnaires the participants, the messages may not be genuine. Particularly appropriate to be careful when you are asked your name, affiliation, address or phone number or ask to arrange a meeting.
9.3. In the case against the site put forward a claim or lawsuit instituted as a result of your actions or the use of the site or service, including in the event of breach of this Agreement, or claims against you to the other party or a lawsuit filed in the you have the other party, you agree to compensate the site protection, damage claims and actions that follow from this. You also agree to cooperate in any necessary measure to the site to protect against any and all claims and provide site protection and the right to exclusive control of the issue.

10. Ownership

10.1. Website, its presentation, and all software used in connection with the service, is the exclusive property of the company «JB entreprise Bensimhon».
10.2. All content and information that you submitted on the site, are protected by copyright and other proprietary rights.
10.3. With the exception of information about which you have received a special permit, you must not copy, publish elsewhere, distribute, display, or sell this exclusive information. Any breach will entail legal liability in respect of any malicious person does not meet one or more or all of these rules.

11. Notice

11.1. The company «JB entreprise Bensimhon», including its directors, commissioners, affiliates, partners, affiliates and employees shall not be liable for any damages or inaccurate information, which is published on the website, or related, including When damage is caused by persons visiting the site, participants, or any material and software associated with this service or its use, nor for the conduct of any visitor or participant site, located on the site or outside of it.
11.2. The company «JB entreprise Bensimhon» is not responsible for any interruption of work, theft or damage, including unauthorized access to communications visitors or site members.
11.3. The company «JB entreprise Bensimhon» is not responsible for technical violations of the telephone network or lines, information systems, on-line, servers or providers, personal material or software, e-mail or slowing down the transfer of information on the Internet or on the website of the company «JB entreprise Bensimhon» or in both cases at the same time, as well as damage caused by visitors or members of their site, or computers, in connection with or as a result of participation in the site or downloading materials connected to the site www.our-feeling or services.
11.4 The Company «JB entreprise Bensimhon» can not in any case be liable for any loss or damage occurring from visiting the site or the actions of participants of the site or service. We have no idea and do not vouch for the accuracy or safety advice, opinion, statement or other information, display, downloaded or distributed by means of the Service by us, our partners, members or any other member or any other person. You can rely on the opinion questionnaire participant advice, statements or information at your own risk. Website is not responsible for the conduct of its members when they are online or offline.

12. Limitation of liability

1.12 These services are provided "as is" site, owned by «JB entreprise Bensimhon», without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including warranties of ownership and warranties of merchantability and fitness for personal use.
12.2 The site not be liable to you for failure to provide services, if it happens as a result of events or circumstances that go out of control, in particular, strikes, lockouts or other labor disputes or disturbances of the ventilation system or destruction of access roads, flood, fire, explosion or accident.
12.3 Some jurisdictions limit the applicability of exemptions from warranty and limitation of liability set forth above, to a denial of justice and limitation of liability could not be applied to certain users or participants ..
12.4. Although to limit his liability in paragraph 8.3, nothing in this Agreement does not limit its liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence and nothing affects your legal rights.

13. Modifications of the characteristics

13.1. Show this page may modify this Agreement at any given time in its sole discretion. Site members should regularly review these terms to make sure that they read and understand the latest version of them.

14. Resolution of Disputes

14.1. To resolve a complaint regarding the Service or the Web site, you need to contact customer support, use the form "Contact us" on the site
14.2. will try to resolve differences and to consider all requests quickly, professionally and efficiently.
14.3. If you do not agree with how allow dissent, and if you want to submit the case to court, because the present Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Switzerland, you will have to do it in Switzerland.

15. Refund

15. Except in the case of a technical error on our part during the manipulations on the website, the company «JB entreprise Bensimhon» does not return the payments after our services have been used. If you feel that our services have been defective in some way, we can contact us, specifying the reason for your request to return the payment, as well as your personal information and identification number of the payment transaction.

16. Coordinates

16. Website and service, carried out by «JB entreprise Bensimhon» registered under the laws of Switzerland, with its seat at the address: 14-16 Place de Cornavin - CH-1201 Genève.


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