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We know well the most of countries of the World in which you live separately. We thought this site according to the experiment obtained in the frequentation of many competitor sites including most famous. But also in the gained experience of our frequent voyages in various republics of ex Soviet Union by meeting the local population by questioning on its means of life because we wanted to understand why such an amount of these beautiful women are eager to leave their country, family, work, friendly culture and all to start again from zero in an unknown country for them.

Then, we compared this work in the East to the Western men wishing when they chose to attend the matrimonial dating sites women of the East Europe. The opinions are divergent but some essential points come out from it. They are attracted by the beauty of Baltic and Slaves women and, it is true, but not only.

This site is the fruit of this work which lasted more than 4 years before starting to develop it. Let us to develop it together. 

We created this site by gathering the maximum of options offered on other sites. These options, generally paying, we declined them in basic offer. This site is thus a cocktail of what you can known on Internet concerning the meeting with the women of the East European.

Our work, now, is to do that you could meet the woman or the man whom is ideal for you. We seek novel members men unceasingly or women, through average advertizing executives and marketing. It is our first work but it is not only that. We are here, also to help you in the understanding of the other owing to the fact that we have great experience of the various cultures joined together on this site. We are also here to guide you about your trip to meet your Lady.

We can inform you about the various sites and tourist cities to visit absolutely whiling your stay in the city or the country where your future resides been engaged. But you will find many answers soon when you will post your questions on the forum, from the local people..

But this site is not a matrimonial dating agency, it is a site of datings between two people eager to better know each other. Then to meet them and decide together about their common future. If they wish that they need to have one. We are not responsible for the attitude which can adopt our members one towards the other. But, if you note an anomaly in your relation, inform us and we will act consequently. We are concerned with your research and its result starting from our site.

You do not understand certain attitudes, reserves on behalf from the other? Contact us, explain us the situation or problem and we will help you to understand, why these divergences between you.

Let us develop together this site and if you of it are satisfied speak about around you. Our best advertising is your satisfaction.

With our sincere thanks to count you among our members.


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